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My first yoga class will always hold a special place in my heart. It came at a time when I needed to get back into shape after having my daughter and was craving some adult interaction. A loved one gifted me a gym membership for my birthday, which was the best and worst gift all at once. I decided to give the gym's yoga studio a try, walking in with an oversized cotton t-shirt and running shorts.

So long the days of working out in cotton t-shirts. I have fallen in love with sweat-wicking fabrics but I miss you dearly.

As I laid out the mat provided by the gym, I felt the excitement building inside me for the upcoming class. Sitting in criss-cross applesauce, I eagerly awaited its start. The instructor instructed us to close our eyes and lie on our stomachs for crocodile pose. However, the next thing I knew, there was a tap on my shoulder, and I realized I had slept through the entire class. I felt mortified and horrible, embarrassed that I had missed out on this experience. The instructor sensed my embarrassment, and she looked into my eyes and said gently, "You look like you needed it." Although I can't remember the name of the teacher I am incredibly grateful for her compassion and understanding.

Yoga has been a significant part of my life, providing me with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. However, pursuing yoga teacher training was always a dream of mine, but the cost was a significant hurdle. I was astonished to discover that it would cost over USD 2,000.00, which made me prioritize my expenses and save up for this investment.

Fortunately, I was given an incredible opportunity in June 2020 to pursue my yoga teacher training. I received a scholarship through My Vinyasa Practice, and the course was entirely virtual, allowing me to complete it at my own pace. This chance to pursue something I had been yearning for brought me immense joy and fulfillment.

Through my experience with yoga and my teacher training, I have gained a deeper understanding of the practice and its benefits. Yoga is not just a physical exercise but a holistic approach to well-being. I believe that everyone should have access to these benefits, and I hope to share my knowledge and experience with others through teaching.

Yoga teacher training and my personal practice were the gentle nudges I needed to sit, see, and be with myself. I was able to physically measure my growth when I saw improvements in asanas (poses). Through the asanas, I was also able to give myself grace when needed. I noticed less judgment for myself and others. When I started to let go of judgment and notice the things that kept me bound, I felt free.

The practice of yoga captivated me. It encouraged me to breathe deeply, move intentionally, and find stillness in my mind. It taught me to live in the present moment. Yoga has the power to transform lives and I am a living testament to that. Who wouldn't want to share that gift with others?

Teaching yoga to my students is my true calling and I am dedicated to helping them grow. It brings me immense joy to witness their progress and development in their practice. I am excited to share my journey with all of you and can't wait to see what the future holds! Stay tuned for updates.

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