What's In Your Gym Bag

Updated: May 15


If you’re going to make the effort to go to the gym then you may as well have something stylish and practical to take your essentials in. Carraa x Athleta Convertible Backpack has you covered. Not only it's gorgeous it is also functional. I love that I can fit so much into this tote and . Laptop, clothes, shoes, etc. 

Whenever I need a hair tie for the gym, I can never locate one. You can find me frantically searching my belongings reluctantly opting for an elastic band.  Every curly, coily, wavy hair human knows the elastic band blues..... Now I have switched to Snappee I am no longer singing the MY HAIR IS TANGLED IN THIS ELASTIC BAND blues. Snappee's are an everyday staple because I like to snap two together to give me a large puff while working out. Snappee stays in my gym bag at all times. 

Whether you enjoy running, weight lifting, cross training, or a funky dance class.  A comfortable pair of shoes are a must . Here are a few shoe finding tips:

1. Test out the shoe for the specific workout. Go for a run, lift, or walk around in them for a day. 

2. Never Assume. Always go into the store for a fitting and never assume you are the the same size across all types of shoes and brands. 

3.For running, go bigger. It's said that your feet will expand an inch from running, which is why most people recommend going up at least half a size to a full size. 

My go training shoes are the Nike Free TR8. They are flexible like regular Nike Free's but I think these are more comfortable. They hugs my feet perfectly for cross-training. 

Music is essential for a great workout. I like to listen to great music and imagine I am Serena Williams getting ready for a tournament. I once became so frustrated mid workout because my headphones became a tangled mess. I thought WHAT WOULD SERENA DO and chucked them into my bag and got back to training.  Later, a friend introduced me to the wireless PowerBeats By Dre.  I just love them because . I don't have to worry about doing the Cell Block Tangled (Anyone who have watched Chicago would understand this corny joke). I get to focus on what I am there for.... my workout. 

One thing that never change in my workout routine is my commitment to staying hydrated. My 40oz Simple Modern Summit Water Bottle helps me reach my daily water intake. With it's sleek design, array of colors and four different sizes you can choose from, you are sure to find something to suit your fancy. 

Protein Bars are convenient, tasty and can provide quick nutrients for recovery after a workout. There are advantages to occasionally reaching for a RXBAR to help you refuel. I love that the ingredients list is small and that they are high in protein (thanks to the egg whites!) without weird added ingredients. RXBAR recently debuted RX Nut Butter, I can not wait to try the Peanut Butter & Berries on a sliced Granny Smith Apple. 

Have you ever seen an idea and thought Why didn't I think of that? The geniuses at Pinch Provisions took the stress out of packing a bag to "freshen up"after the gym. Face wipes, lip balm, deodorant, brush/combs, and bobby pins are a few things that are stored neatly into this cute 15-piece Fitness Kit.

Say you are like me and NEED to shower after a workout but dislike having my shampoo, conditioner, soap, puff scattered around my bag. That is when this compact Shower Tote Bag comes in handy. Mildew resistant, no rust zipper and did I mention a suction cup that keeps the bag off the floor? Phew, crisis avoided.

Here's a tip, check your gym bag before working out. There has been a few times I tapped into my inner beast mode dreaming of a hot shower after my workout. Just to realize my shower shoes are not in my bag. Leaving my shower shoes at home is a deciding factor of a successful gym experience and a disaster. I know this may seem silly to most but who wants to "freshen up" after an hour of torrential sweat? I like to wear classic Old Navy flip flops. They are easy to store, quick to dry and budget friendly! May I ask for anything more?

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