Challenge Accepted: Three Things I've Changed This Week

Updated: Apr 2

Hey guys! Hope you all are ending the first quarter of 2020 AWESOME! I know we all are dealing with COVID-19, being quarantined, bored and restless but here's a look on the bright side, you are here reading this post (*insert wink here). In order to lift spirits, the ladies and I of The Fit Black Queen Podcast proposed a challenge to our listeners. Try THREE things differently from the previous week. Since I have a little more time on my hands, I finally got to try three things I've been DYING to try.


I would consider my daughter and I as a creative duo. I recently purchased an iPad Pro with Apple Pencil to elevate our drawing and animation skills. After spending a few days playing with our new iPad we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed a help with the illustration app Procreate in particular. This week, I signed up for a 2 month free trial service with the website SkillShare and immediately start taking courses. SkillShare is a learning platform with online classes taught by experienced practitioners. My first course was Digital Illustration: Learn to Use Procreate. It was easy to follow and we learned a lot. I am currently homeschooling my daughter I added a few SkillShare courses into her curriculum.

Talk Space

I am not shy to profess my fondness for therapy. When I found out my therapist was not offering virtual sessions during the quarantine I was gut-wrenched. The neediness in me jumped out like a Jack-In-The-Box screaming what about me? Who can I talk to about navigating a society altered by COVID-19? Not being able to talk to my therapist during this difficult time is hard to say the least but I remembered an app named Talk Space. Talk Space is an online and mobile therapy company that make therapy available and affordable. I've only tried it a few times since I signing up so the jury is still out for this one. While we are going through this trying time, we do not need to keep our thoughts and feelings bottled inside. We live in a glorious time where there's an abundant amount of online resources. You'll just need to research which will work for you.

Animal Flow

Do you ever go through your Pinterest Pins and think to yourself Dang, I guess I pin a lot about this subject? Well, I had an entire board titled Animal Flow that I was unaware existed. (I think I create these Pinterest boards while sleeping. Let's call it Sleep Pinning) I know what you are wondering, what is Animal Flow? Animal Flow is a body-weight program that's centered largely around ground-based work. Imagine animal-style movements coupled with yoga moves and some sick choreography. It is said to improve strength power, flexibility, mobility and coordination. Since, I have been wanting to add something to my morning yoga and strength training routine, this is exactly what I needed. I found Animal Flow's Instagram account and tried a 35 second video. Boy oh boy, who knew 35 seconds could kick my butt?? It kicked my butt so good that I have added a few basics moves from Animal Flow to my morning routine.

I am really proud that I tried a few new things this week. Have you tried SkillShare, Talk Space or Animal Flow? I would love to hear about it. Want to know what my co-host De' from Faith Fueled Mom, Alexis from FlecksOfLex, Adina Deanie The Yogini and J Que Fitness D.E.F.Y'D did differently this week? Check them out! Alrighty, you knew this was coming. I now extend the challenge to you. DO YOU ACCEPT?


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