Thick Girls Can Run!

I know you guys may be wondering, what ever happened to my running journey. Well, I am here with an update for you. I guess I should say it has been a long, grueling but exciting adventure.

I started this running journey February 2018 on an overcast winter day. I specifically remember wanting to run on my local trail but was afraid. Afraid of being cold, sliding on black ice, and getting to the 1.5 mile mark and succumbing to the urge of taking an Uber home. After pacing the lobby of my apartment for 15 minutes, I realized that I was behaving out of fear. I put on my earphones, cranked up B.O.B by Outkast and braved the element while squashing my excuses one step at a time.

I had a goal of completing four 5K's in the month of April as a birthday gift to myself. With seven weeks till the start of my 2018 5K debut, I knew I had to train efficiently and effectively. I had a running plan, I strategically placed my runs into my schedule, I cross trained with swimming, yoga and boxing to prepare my body. I thought I covered my bases but these things did not prepare me for the dreaded Shin Splints. I first noticed this aching pain on the inside of my shins during a hill on my local trail. After sorting out some irrational thoughts of quitting, I made an appointment with my physician. She calmly stated "you have shin splints and here are a few things you need to do to lessen your chances of getting a stress fracture." I look her in the eyes and said "So, my running career is not over before it started?" Her response was a side eye and a chuckle. She knew I was seeking an excuse to give up before I even tried. Hey, I can admit it. 

MY NAME IS TIKIMA AND I AM A SELF SABOTEUR.  With three and a half weeks left till my 2018 5K debut I knew I needed a mental overhaul. I was no longer enjoying this journey. I was stressed the days I was scheduled to run, I had shin splints and most importantly I was searching for a reason to give up. This is when I had to ask a few questions: Am I only sticking with this because I announced it to the world? The races are already paid for, do I really want to lose out on money? Most importantly, would I be okay with quitting before I start? Every question was answered with a BIG. FAT. NO. I am doing this for me, to prove to myself that I can start something I find physically difficult and complete it.  To tell my thighs CHAFING would not stop me and lastly to complete a 5K with my daughter (and beat her). Reminding myself of my why gave me the confidence and reassurance to complete my initial goals of four races in the month of April. So let the fun begin!!!

Completing the first two races in the month of April was not as difficult as I initially thought. However, the third one snuck up on me like what the hell do you think you are doing? It was a beautiful day in the Nation's Capital for a race, 59 degrees with clear skies. I was all ready for The Purple Rain 5K dressed in my faux leather tights and purple windbreaker. The gun goes off (not literally) and the race is on. Okay Tikima, you are doing the dang on thang. You are almost there. Wait, it has only been 5 minutes since starting. Oh Em Gee. At the 1.2 mile mark my body slammed its hand on the table and screamed NOT ON MY WATCH! You guys, my thighs and shins were burning. At that point, I knew I was going to Olympic speed walk my way to the finish line. My experienced runners are probably thinking Girl it's just 3.1 miles and my response is tell that to my thighs!!!  Nevertheless, I achieved my goal for the month of April and just finished the inaugural 5K with Bossy Girls Run. I will admit I did walk/run this race but I had so much fun. This has been a wild journey and I'm excited for what's to come.


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