Studio Review: Biker Barre

Alexis, Erika and I at our first Biker Barre class

If you would have asked me if I had a strong core I would have screamed at the top of my lungs UMMM YEAH. Attending barre at Biker Barre at Cabin John had me rethinking that  proclaimed statement. Biker Barre offers customized bike and barre classes, hence the name Biker Barre. Registering for the class I had the option to attend a barre class, reserve a bike or  "make it a double" (taking both classes back to back.) Being a fitness enthusiast, you must know your limits. I taught two classes the previous day, I knew "making it a double" would have to happen at a later time. I tried Biker Barre with my favorite exercise partner Alexis from Flecks Of Lex and off we went.

The studio is visually beautiful. You guys they have a focal wall of indoor plants! If you are unfamiliar, I consider myself a crazy plant lady. So any studio that has an abundant amount of plants gets extra points in my book.  Beautiful gray hardwood floors, geometric prints painted on the wall and naturally well lit added to the inviting charm of Biker Barre. Check-in was quick and easy and cubbies were provided to house your belongings. After checking in an associate from the front desk walked Alexis and I into the barre studio.

Pop music greeted Alexis and I into this packed house of enthusiastic participants. We were instructed to get a mat and two set of hand weights by our instructor Erika. Two sets of weights? That was the moment I knew It's Going Down (I literally said each word of It's Going Down like Yung Joc). I grabbed a 5lb and a 2lb and placed my mat in the back of the class hoping not to lock eyes with Erika. I was nervous you guys.

We started class with a warmup that included a series of planks. Tall planks, planks with leg lifts, forearm planks, planks with knee taps. (If you have been to any of my classes you know I love some planks) The warm-up was challenging but amazing and I simply loved it.

The barre instructors at Biker Barre knows how to command a room and Erika is no exception. Her presence mixed with a killer playlist makes you want to make attack each movement with efforts for enthusiasm. I’m not going to lie. I was DYING. At one point I glanced at the clock and was amazed that we were ONLY 45 minutes in. Have you ever been counting down the minutes to the end of class simultaneously hoping time stood still? That was me. Weird right??

Next thing I knew, we were cooling down, the lights were dimmed (how romantic) and I was handed a cold towel. F.YI Give me a cold eucalyptus towel and you have me hooked forever. I’m just saying.

 I am humbled every time I walk into a Barre class. Thanks Biker Barre for handing me my butt. Maybe next time I’ll make it a double.

Alexis and I thought we were too cool for school


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