Have you ever received a new tech toy and thought to yourself "How was I living before this product"? That is exactly what I have been pondering since I received my Aftershokz wireless bluetooth headphones. They have been a game changer for my fitness routine.

Tikima and Alexis at the 2nd Annual National Women’s Half Marathon and 8K (4.97 miles)

My love for AfterShokz started during a rainy 8k in Washington DC with my girl Alexis from The night before the race I put together an awesome playlist, found my favorite baseball cap, set out my outfit with waterproof jacket, and lastly but not least packed my new wireless “waterproof” earbuds. I was as ready as I could be. The following morning, I woke up to gray clouds and a storm that was rearing it's ugly head over the Washington DC metropolitan area. Mother Nature how dare you? I thought we were friends. I RECYCLE. I can not back out now over a little rain, so, it's time to get this show on the road.

The race starts and we are off. I place my new waterproof earbuds in my ears, cued up my playlist and we are off. As we passed mile 1, I thought Oh I Got This, Mile 2.5 Juvenile's Back That Thang Up is the Best Song Of All Time, Mile 3 Why Can I Only Hear Music From One Ear? My “waterproof” earbuds not only stopped working in one ear they also started to deliver a small shock in my left ear. DISRESPECTFUL. I look to my left to tell Alexis what had happened. To my dismay, she's casually running listening to music with her AfterShokz. Looking like a graceful gazelle. That wonderful moment I made up my mind..... I’ll have what she’s having.

I received a pair of AfterShokz and I have not looked back. Due to the shape of my concha cavum ( the part of your ear where earpods SHOULD fit comfortably into your ear) I have a difficult time finding standard ear plugging listening devices. AfterShokz fits snug above the ear sending tiny vibrations to the cheekbones to the inner ear. Besides comfort, I love that the design allows you to listen to your music or podcast without compromising your safety. Not a runner? Don't fret. These incredible open-ear headphones are not running exclusive. From my solo hiking trips to commuting on my bicycle, Aftershokz are essential to your daily fitness routine. I am just waiting for Aftershokz to create a headphone that could be used in deep water swimming. AfterShokz, if you are reading this can you do that for me?

Have you tried AfterShokz? What’s your headphone, earpod, earphones of choice? #TikimaReneeFitness #AfterShokz #Earpods #Running #Hiking #Earbuds #Sweatpink #ProductReview #Fitness #FitnessTechnology #FitnessAccessories #PersonalTrainer #DMVfitnessfam #exercise #bluetooth #headphones #healthylifestyle #fitspo


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