I Am A Triathlete

Guess what you guys, I completed my first indoor sprint triathlon and boy oh boy what a feeling! My friend Alexis from FlecksofLex.com and I signed up for Life Time Fitness Indoor Tri Series as part of Life Time Fitness's Commitment Day movement.

LifeTime's Indoor Tri is based on time rather than distance. Including transitions the entire race will last 75 minutes and I can do ANYTHING for 75 minutes! We swam for 10 minutes in an indoor pool, 30 minutes on an indoor bike and 20 minutes on a treadmill. Considering it was my first triathlon and I am new at the sport I went into it with very small goals. Basically, I wanted to finish the race in one piece (you guys know I am new to swimming, cycling and running) and to NOT come in last.

I started my wave with 9 other Triathletes (including my fiend Alexis). I nervously walked towards the pool thinking I can’t believe this is really happening.

Each lane had its own cheerleader/judge. As the buzzer sounded- I thought GO TIME. As I expected, I started off strong. I felt invincible until I noticed that the pool changes from shallow to deep towards the end of the lane. Wait, what I did not plan for this. I am not sure why something so simple freaked me out so much but it did. I backstrokes the entire 10 minutes. Not even a vigorous, this is a competition backstroke. This was more like a leisure I’m on vacation don’t bother me type of backstroke. Hey, I just wanted to survive. At one point Alexis’ fiancé came to the edge of my lane whispered are you okay? I wanted to say hell no John, hell no but I opted for a faint yes instead. I heard my cheerleader aka judge yell TIKIMA, YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS PUSH! I regained my strength and channeled my inner Michael Phelps. I completed my lap, pulled myself out of the pool and headed to the locker room to prepare for the bike.

The bike was a lot more enjoyable then I thought it would be since I have never been a cyclist and thought is was always boring. I put my FIRST TIME TRI playlist and I got to work. I started off pretty conservative on the bike but when Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg and Right Thur by Chingy came on in the last 15 minutes I lost my mind. I felt good finishing until I jumped off my bike and realized that my legs were basically numb?

As I walked out of the cycling studio and transitioned to treadmill I took a nice drink of water and slowly transitioned into the run. This is where I earned the nickname Tikima The Tortoise because my run was SLOW. I was not sure if I would have enough gas in the tank to run hard. I wish I can say that as the run progressed my legs loosened up and I began to run faster but I cant. Tikima The Tortoise was in full effect.

I can tell you, I did not do as well as I expected but I did it!! I am a triathlete! I did not die and I did not come in last, I AM HOOKED! I have read numerous forums with people saying that this sport is addicting? Now I can fully agree with them. I could not even concentrate the day after because all I have been doing is reading up on triathlon info looking on how I can improve for the next one.

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