Do You Have Tight Hips? Read This...

5 Yoga Poses To Relieve Tight Hips

My yoga journey started with a deadlift. I know you are wondering Tikima what are you talking about? Just hear me out.

One misty fall day, I stepped into the gym with intentions on focusing on legs. All warmed up, I set up the barbell with my normal weight ready to get started. After my first set, I felt some discomfort at the upper part of my thigh. I immediately knew what was happening... my hip flexors were flaring up. Not wanting to cause injury, I stopped my leg session and attempted to stretch. After a few days of discomfort, I do what every person in discomfort do. COMPLAIN.

While having lunch with a friend I casually mentioned "No matter how much I try to stretch I can not get the kink out of my hip flexor."

Her response was simple. "Have you tried yoga?"

That was the beginning of this amazing journey.

Hip pain doesn't have to start while working out. Almost everything we do can result in tight hips: sitting at your desk, driving, watching TV, and even reading. We become accustomed to living day to day with tight hips - and that’s not a good thing when it comes to pain and mobility. You may have your reasons why you want your hips to be open, it may be to increase flexibility when you do splits, you want a loose hip to alleviate lower back pain or you just want to ensure an injury free weightlifting session. Whatever your reasons are, daily hip opening stretches can help relieve some tension in the area.

Below are my top 5 favorite yoga hip-opening poses. 

Eye Of The Needle (Beginner Friendly) 

What is Eye of the Needle Pose?

Eye of the needle pose, is a gentle hip stretch that's very accessible for beginners. Lying on your back, cross the ankle over the opposite thigh. You will then pull your shin toward the chest to stretch the hip. It's often practiced as an alternative to pigeon pose.

Step By Step Instructions:

Begin on your back.

Bend your knees and place your feet on the ground.

Inhale and cross your right ankle over your left thigh.

Thread your right arm through your leg.

Clasp your left shin with both hands.

Exhale and gently pull your shin toward your chest.

Breathe while holding the pose.

On the next inhale, release the clasp and place your right foot on the ground.

And again on the next inhale, cross your left ankle over your right thigh.

Thread your left arm through your leg.

Clasp your right shin with both hands.

Exhale and gently pull your shin toward your chest.

Breathe while holding the pose.

Happy Baby (Beginner Friendly) 

What is Happy Baby Pose?

Happy baby pose is one of my absolute favorites. This pose is used for relaxation and to gently stretch the back and hips. While on the back, the knees are bent toward the chest. The hands clasp the feet and gently pull them toward the floor.

Step By Step Instructions:

Lying on your back, exhale and bend the knees toward the chest.

Hold the outsides of the feet and let the knees open to the sides.

Exhale and gently pull the feet down while pushing the feet toward the hands.

Breathe while holding the pose.

Half Frog Pose

What is Half Frog Pose?

I feel like this pose was designed with me in mind. The half frog pose is usually used to stretch the quadriceps and deep hip flexors. From a prone position, one foot is held near the glutes while supporting your uplifted torso with their other arm.

Step By Step Instructions:

Lie on the belly with the forearms on the floor and parallel.

Exhale and bend the right foot in toward the buttocks.

Hold the foot with the right hand, fingers pointing forward and elbow toward the sky.

To deepen the posture, straighten the left arm.

Breathe while holding the pose.

Double Pigeon Pose

What is Double Pigeon Pose?

Double pigeon pose is a challenging hip opener. It's also referred to as fire log pose. While seated, the legs are folded into a triangle shape so that one ankle stacks on top of the knee and the other ankle rests under the knee.

Step By Step Instructions:

Start by sitting cross-legged.

Exhale and place one ankle on top of the opposite knee.

Inhale and align the other ankle underneath the opposite knee.

Breathe while holding the pose.

One Legged King Pigeon Pose A

What is One-Legged King Pigeon Pose A?

This advanced pose is still a work-in-progress for me. One-legged king pigeon pose A, is a deep and challenging backbend that opens the chest and develops flexibility in the hips. Perfect pose to assist me with my split goal. From pigeon pose, the yogi bends the back foot in toward the buttocks, clasping the toes in a deep backbend.

Step By Step Instructions:

Begin in pigeon pose with the right foot back.

Exhale and bend the right foot toward the buttocks.

Inhale and reach the right arm (and left arm, if possible) up and back.

Clasp the right toes with both hands.

Breathe while holding the pose.

Hope this assist with your tight hips. What was your favorite pose? Comment below

xoxo  Tikima Renee Fitness


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