Do Thick Girls Run?

I HATE RUNNING! Yeah, I know what you’re thinking hate is such a strong word, but if only you knew how much emotional trauma running has caused me.

My disdain for running all began one summer day in 1991. Picture it: Los Angeles, California, the skies are clear, and DJ Quik’s Quik is the Name album is blasting on all the Alpine Speakers. “Let’s go to Wendy’s” my mother said, and it had to be the sweetest melody to my ears. She gathered our belongings and off we went. My sister and I anticipated the sweet chocolate taste of Frosty’s on our lips. Smiles and laughter were abundant, and after a glorious mother/daughter day we decided to head back home. “That’s our bus!” my mom shouts while pointing across the street. At this moment she grabs our wrist and sprints for the bus.  “BUT WAIT MY FROSTY” I thought. Sitting on the MTA bus, heavy breathing, Frosty soiled overalls and a temporary grimace upon my face... I VOWED I WILL NEVER RUN AGAIN!

Okay, so typing this I do see how dramatic I sound, but hey I could not phantom the idea of running without a cause. I now live in the Washington, D.C. area where you will find people running rain or shine, young and old, from competitive runners to those who run leisurely. Everywhere you turn there is someone running. These runners have been secretly admired by me from the confines of my car. Huddled like graceful gazelles in the Savannas. Starring out the windows I think to myself: I want to be in a huddle! I want to be like a gazelle!!! So long to the Frosty soiled overalls memory, myths that thick girls don’t run and admiring runners from my car.... MARATHONS HERE I COME.... I AM A RUNNER NOW!

Maybe, I should slow my roll before signing up for a 26.2 mile run, but a 5k/10k can be a great start. I still have to train, buy proper running shoes, find some running buddies, and overcome the mental block that thick girls do not run, but I’m positive I can become that gazelle! Running will not be an easy task by any means, however finishing a marathon would be a rewarding achievement. Join me on this running journey. Let's make our own huddle!!! #tikimareneefitness #thickgirlsruntoo #running #runningislife #breakingmyths #whoruntheworld #run #marathons #exercise #cardio #personaltrainer #dmvblogger


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