Bossy Girl Run Recap:

October 20, 2018, I had the honor of running the Inaugural Bossy Girls Fun Run 5K . This race was incredible. It was by far the most fun and fulfilling 5K I have ever ran. From the spectators, other runners and volunteers it was incredible. Not to mention every detail was fully thought out. 

At check-in we were supplied with our bibs, t-shirts and some goodies from their sponsors. A rhythmic cardio warmup was led by Nicole Johnson owner of By Original Design (BOD). I knew I was going to have a good time just by Nicole's song selection You Can't Stop Me by Andy Mineo. Bibs were pinned and we are all warmed up LET'S GET THIS RACE STARTED. 

I registered as a walker because I did not train like I did for the previous races. To be honest, I took a brief running hiatus in July and did not start "training" (I use the word training loselly)  till October 1st 2018. The first day back to running was extremely painful. Therefore, I devised a game day run/walk program. My plan was to run for 4 minutes and walk for 1 minute. Within that 1 minute of walking, I made sure I pumped my arms while maintaining good running form. That way, my heart rate stays elevated, I will still get a good cardiovascular workout during my "rest", and it will make the transition back to running easier.  Sticking to my plan and maintaining a steady pace I won the prize for the fastest walk/runner. 

Bossy Girls Run pulled out all of the stops in their post race celebration. Upon completion of race each runner received a medal, access to the recovery station ( I tried Rock Solid Reboot for the first time Oh Em Gee), breakfast (Let's take a moment for the breakfast Shrimp and Grits, Sausage and Grits, and some banging Quiche by Antoine of ATLeatz) and lastly but not least a well needed "Therapy Corner" with Dr. Alicia Little Hodge.  

Dr. Hodges volunteered her time to connect, share her tips and resources with all the runners and volunteers. Dr. Hodge’s handout How To Slay Anxiety has helped me out tremendously in the past few weeks. While eating, laughing, and being merry an impromptu sister circle broke out. Women from different backgrounds getting together sharing their expertise and encouraging one another. 

Can you tell I had a great time? It was simply an amazing experience. I can not wait until the next 5K hosted by Bossy Girls Run.


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