Happy Hump Day Homies!!!!

It has been seven days since I started my #30DayBarreChallenge and it has been great! I have taken a few classes, met some amazing people, and got the glute pump of my wildest dreams.  This week has been an expected doozy. I planned a camping trip for a few days with my friends meaning I would not be able to take classes. Bummer right? I planned to "double-up" on barre classes for a few days in preparation for my trip. I was semi-successful. Continue reading to know more about my week. 


I took an outside class with the Barre3 instructor Alexis. I arrived right on time even though it is urged to arrive 10-minutes before class. Want to know why I was late? Tikima did not read the email disclosing the address. 

Reading is fundamental homies. 

The class has a great turnout and the energy was awesome. I met some amazing people, hung out with some cool cicadas, and worked a few muscles that were on a 1-year sabbatical. 

Not only the energy was amazing it was also very supportive. I didn't feel judged for almost falling over several times. I shared my #30DaysOfBarre challenge with a few classmates and they gave me that I will keep you accountable with your attendance look.  I am cool with that because Lord knows I need it. I met a homie, I'll call her L, who rescued me from a cicada. Not one but twice. The cicada wanted to attend class so bad. The homie L does not know it as of yet but we are going to be friends. 

Lastly, Alexis worked my ENTIRE abdomen. I do not remember what exactly we did for core work, all I know is I could not belly laugh for a few minutes after class. It was great!!! 



I have three: being outside, core work, and Alexis's fire playlist. Alexis brought the heat to class with her workout and the playlist. I felt like I was at a club for people over 30 with sensory processing sensitivities but still want to be out in these streets with the homies. 

I know that the last sentence made no sense to some but it was perfect to me. 


Since we were approaching a long weekend, a few of my clients canceled to enjoy their holiday weekend. Therefore, I have nothing but time on my hands. Time to take 2 classes today, WOOT WOOT! I started the day with a 6:00 am live stream with Sam. 

I have taken a fair amount of live stream classes during the last year and this one was by the most organized. Once I logged on, I noticed a moderator controlling the music and chat for any questions. I really appreciate that as a fellow instructor and student. It allowed Sam to do what she came to do, KICK OUR ASSES. 

You guys, she was not playing with us on a Friday morning and it was awesome.


I definitely enjoyed the banded glute work. I have trouble activating my glutes during workouts and this glute segment had my muscles shaking. I think I heard my gluteus medius asking Alexa to play Girl On Fire by Alicia Keys... ON REPEAT. At the end of each segment, the instructor does a stretch or shake out to give some relief to the muscle worked. I am not confirming or denying that I was looking forward to the stretch/shakeout after engaging my glutes so much. 

One of the reasons I chose to attend Barre3 was their way of incorporating mindful and meditation into the workout. This class was no exception, we ended the class with a quick mindful meditation and I. FELL. ASLEEP! I was tired, worked, and needed that nap. 



I was my second class of the day and I was determined not to fall asleep. Some will say falling asleep during an outdoor class is impossible but I'll say, you don't know my life. Sleep can happen anywhere. 

My third class was at a local park with the instructor Helga. I will not lie, I was intimidated walking towards the park because I realized this would be my first time using props (band, and 2 sets of weights) during an in-person class. Helga reminded me that it is perfectly fine to complete the entire class without props but athe props adds an extra challenge and I am a glutton for punishment. Helga put us through a beautiful lower body segment that added to Sam's leg work. The two combined gave me the booty pump of my wildest dreams. 

I caught a glimpse of my legs while walking past a storefront and said Aw Shucks out loud. If that is not a reason to continue this challenge, I don't know what is. 


I love a great modification. I am an injury-prone woman and I know my limits. Have you attended a class and felt like you shouldn't take the modification even though your body is begging for it? If you responded no, lucky you. There are times we push ourselves to that unsafe space, the environment does not welcome modifications or your instructor does not offer any. Whatever the case is TAKE DAT MODIFICATION HOMIE.

I appreciate Helga offering a ton of modifications throughout the class and creating a space where we feel safe to take the modification when needed. 

After a weekend of camping and hiking, I signed up for a Monday evening class with Sam. Can you guess what happened next? Yep. You are right, I slept through it. Before you ask, no I do not have a sleeping disorder. I am just a mom who does all of the things. I felt horrible but tomorrow is a new day.


I was super stoked for this class because it was my first time in Barre3 Bethesda's studio. It was such a vibe. Very much,  I watched every episode of Golden Girls and dreamt to recreate a modern version of Blanche Devereaux's bedroom when I got older but never grew up because I am a Toys"R"Us kid vibes. If you know, you know. 

The studio was extremely clean and I felt comfortable attending class. 

I took class #4 with Helga again and she did not disappoint. I was sweaty HEAVILY. You would have thought I went for a run prior to taking this class. 

I enjoyed every minute of my first week of #30DaysOfBarre. It was great taking classes from different instructors and experiencing their styles of teaching. My goal was to take 7 classes this week but I was only able to take 4. I will not beat myself up to much about it because life happens. I hope I am able to take a few extra classes next week. 

Hope you enjoyed my week 1 recap of #30DaysOfBarre. I would love to hear of any new challenges you are setting for yours. 


Tikima Renee

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