Wednesday, May 26, 2021


30 Day Barre3 Challenge, Tikima in low lunge

In summer 2020, I got certified in teaching barre. To be honest, I have not done much with the certification. To reignite my love for torturing every tiny muscle in my arms, core, butt, and legs I set out yet another goal for myself. I would like to challenge myself into taking as many barre classes as I possibly can in 30 days. Why? My answer is simple, who does not like a challenge? 


There are three main reasons why I chose Barre for this challenge: 

  • I am certified in the format and want to start teaching Barre soon and would like to get some practice in. 

  • After interviewing Dr. Tammia Guest, a chiropractor in Dallas TX about Correcting Your Posture, on The Fit Black Queens Podcast. I wanted to add a fitness format that emphasizes posture. 

  • I am training for a secret project that I have been dying to do for 10+ years. In order to maintain strength and become a well-balanced athlete, I am using Barre as a form of cross-training.  


Barre is a ballet-based workout with pilates and yoga elements. The class is normally broken into sections that focus on the core, legs, arms, and glutes. After the muscle is fatigued by completing a high number of repetitions, small targeted movements like pulsing, and light weight resistance each section is paired with stretching of the worked muscle. In the first barre class I attended, I was instructed to get a ball, two sets of weights, and a resistance band. I chose the heavier weights and regretted it. Pulsing tricep kickbacks with 5-pound weights does not sound like a bad idea at the beginning but I recommend working your way to that point. Do not underestimate the power of a two-pound weight, my muscles were burning. 


I have tried a few Barre classes here in the Washington, DC area and I have always been amazed by how my body aches in a glorious way. I will not lie to you, I normally think when is this over about 2-4 times during the class. I recently had the honor of taking an outdoor Barre3 class and I loved every second of it. Was it difficult? Ummm yeah, but I was so caught up in the moment I didn't have time to think about time. 

Barre3 is a full-body workout like other Barre classes. What attracts me to Barre3 and sets them apart from other Barre studios, is that it combines strength, cardio, and mindfulness. Barre3 had me at cardio. If I can add cardio to something I am interested in, I am down. Throughout the workout, the instructor gently reminds you of your breathing and I truly appreciate that. This is extremely helpful for people like me who "forget" to breathe during workouts. At the end of each workout, the instructor guides the class through a meditation exercise. I stated that Barre3 had me at cardio but I stayed because of the workout and meditation.


I am starting this challenge Wednesday, May 26, 2021, because I woke up and said out loud I really need a change. I know if I don't start now, I will continue to put the challenge off till Monday. (We all are familiar with the I'll wait till Monday meme).  

After the 30-day challenge,  I really would like to have logged 32 Barre3 workouts. Too ambitious? Not really since my body is accustomed to doing multiple workouts a day. The issue is that I will am going camping on Memorial Day Weekend, meaning I will have three days that I am unable to take a Barre3 workout. That means a few days, I will need to tap into my inner superhero and attend two workouts a day. 

I am super stoked for this 30-day challenge, so wish me luck. Have you had that SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE moment and set out a crazy challenge for yourself? I would love to hear about your challenge. Want to check out my progress? Follow me on IG and click the photo below for my weekly updates. 



Thursday, May 20, 2021




Drop the mic

This summer I registered for Hot Girl Summer and I am showing up and showing out!

Skin. Immaculate. 

Water intake. Hydrated AF. 

Mental Health. Healthy. 


In prep for HGS, that's what we call Hot Girl Summer,  I have set a few goals for myself. One goal, in particular, is building muscle mass in my glutes. I want a DONK! Building muscle mass requires a lot of hard work and dedication. If I am going to be working in the gym I will need some serious tunes. That brings me to this week's #ThursdayTunes. I have been rocking out to Booty Burner by Alexis Reed

I know you are wondering how did I come across this playlist? Well, after the homie Alexis taught two 45-minute spin classes, we had a GREAT idea. Let's do a 15-minute glute workout. It'll be fun. I am learning that whenever either one of us says "it'll be fun" RUN FAR FAR AWAY!!!

We coerced gently nudged another friend into doing the workout along with us, set up our mats, and all we needed was a great playlist to get us through the workout. Alexis slowly walked to her phone and put on this heavy hitter I am sharing with you today. 

By the way, the workout was a killer and 20 minutes instead of 15 like intended. Let me know if you want me to share the workout. 


I stated that my goal is to gain muscle in my glutes, butt, booty, hams, phatty, whatever you want to call it. In order to reach my goals proper form, mind-muscle connection, and focusing on the proper muscle are crucial when building muscle mass. This playlist is a great companion to your glute workout. Want to know why? Most songs on this playlist mention the glutes in some way, shape, or form. How could you not focus on the glute muscle when you hear 

Big Big Booty, What You Got A Big Booty? 

Come on, that lyric is motivation in itself. Alexis included the greatest love song of ALL time Back That Thang Up by Juvenile and a song that ooze early 2000's college experience Ms. New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx, Collipark, and the Ying Yang Twins. 



From blogging to teaching multiple fitness classes per week, Alexis is a woman who does ALL THE THANGS. Currently, she is teaching 8+ weekly and each class requires a different playlist. Yes, you can reuse a playlist but lucky for us, Alexis loves music and curating playlists. Alexis is inspired by different genres and it is reflected within her song choice it allows her playlists to be eclectic and awesome. 

What did you think of that Booty Burner playlist? Want more? Head over to either Alexis Spotify Channel or mine for more playlist. While you are on Spotify, check out Alexis's podcast Sweat Fearlessly for some amazing interviews and more. 

Know of a great playlist you would like for me to feature on #ThursdayTunes? Send it to me. Until next time homies. 


Tikima Renee

Wednesday, May 5, 2021


Succulents How Y'all Feeling? Begonia's Y'all Alright? 

Homies, I am just checking in. 

For this week's Thursday Tunes we have Not Dead Yet Succa by yours truly, Tikima Renee. If you did not know, I think I am a world-famous playlist curator so, prepare for some pure awesomeness.

I curated this playlist for my 20+ plant that lives in my 833 sq ft apartment. I am a self-proclaimed Crazy Plant Lady and I sincerely love my plants. The act of tending to my plant babies forces me to be present at the moment, subsequently managing my anxiety. Some have their emotional support animals and I have my emotional support plants.

As a thank you for treating me well, I like to spoil my plant babies by making playlists specifically for them. I have not found any scientific evidence that music assists plants with the growth of the plant but that does not matter to me. I just want to set the mood for something you love. 


Ummmm, kinda... with sound waves. Sound waves create vibrations that could be picked up by plants. Plants would not "hear" the music, they will feel the vibrations of the sound waves. 

Different forms of music have different sound wave frequencies, degrees of pressure, and vibrations. Louder music creates greater pressure. Some people think loud music may have a detrimental effect on plants. There's no scientific evidence proving this but I think my plants LOVE trap music.

If your plant babies like trap music too, be on the lookout for a playlist soon. 


I stated that my plant babies enjoy trap music but I am happy to report that they are a well-rounded group. Sometimes it is rock, jazz, old school hip hop, classical, and funk to name a few. We try to switch it up from time to time. 

This week I am sharing a calm, cool, collected plant playlist. This collection of music is an easy listen as you tend to your plants. You may notice yourself singing along to the neo-soul D'Angelo's Lady feeling nostalgic or Duckwrth's Kiss U Right Now dancing a quick two-step. Whatever it is, I hope this playlist brings you as much joy as it did me creating it.

Lack of motivation to be the best plant parent you can be? Don't fret, it happens to us all. NOT DEAD YET SUCCA VOL:1 can be played as a pick me up too. Watering, fertilizing, wiping leaves, and repotting will no longer feel like a task it becomes enjoyable on days motivation is absent. 


My plants enjoy long walks on the beach, Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir candles, cognac, and listening to the cool sounds of NOT DEAD YET SUCCA VOL: 1


Tikima Renee is a fitness professional who loves music. After years of making playlists for a variety of fitness formats, she decided to share them with her homies. 

Like that and want some more? Head to my Tikima Renee Fitness Spotify Channel for more playlists! Do your plants listen to music? if so, what music do you think they enjoy? I would love to add your favorite playlist to my Thursday Tunes series.