Light the fireworks. Bring out the cheesecake and carrot cake. Cue the Happy Birthday song, Stevie Wonder of course, because it's a celebration! 

So far, my 30's have been incredible. I learned a lot about myself and I am looking forward to the future. I thought it was a great idea to share some love with so much chaos in the world. That is why I am listing 34 Things I love at 34. I simply could not rank the 34 things that I love, therefore, this list is not in any particular order. 

(I will say the last two are the best though) 

1. Community. 

2. Listening

3. Skincare

5. Accepting reality
Accepting people and situations for what they are rather than what I wanted them to be is extremely difficult. I am still learning to remove my rose-colored glasses and not paint everything/everyone the way I want to see them. 

6. A good ole' NO THANK YOU 

7. Laughter. I never laughed as much as I do now.

8. Observing 

9. Writing ridiculous songs 

10. Yoga
Since starting and completing YTT (Yoga Teacher Training) my views on life have changed. Maybe it was the training, maybe I was ready for a change, maybe it was a compilation of the two or maybe it was Maybelline. Whatever it was, it forced me to deepen my faith, strengthen my relationships, and be present in life. I started yoga for the asanas but stayed for so much more. Check out a previous post of why I started YTT

11. Exploring 

12. The dentist (am I the only adult excited for my dental appointments?)

13. Silence

14. Relearning my definition of love

15. Therapy
Has anyone asked you the questions; How are you? Are you okay? You don't know how to respond so you just faintly utter fine? That was me and I use to hate these questions because I really needed to think about how I was feeling. Therapy has given me tools to check in with myself daily and answer those simple questions truthfully and honestly.

16. Nature

17. A good ole' crying session

18. My family

20. Advocating for myself
Whether it's for my health or physical space, advocating for myself has become crucial to my growth as a person. I STILL struggle with it but I see progress. 

21. Transparency 

22. Brunch. Raise the roof for alcoholic beverages! 

23. Dancing and singing in public 

25. Learning to set boundaries 
I was never taught how to set boundaries as a kid so this has been a doozy. Setting boundaries comes with a lot of actions. Communication, checking in with yourself, being direct, holding yourself and others accountable, and the list goes on. I am going to be transparent. Besides being direct, I suck at those things listed. Confronting the actions that make me uncomfortable has been... uncomfortable to say the least but well worth it. 

26. Freedom

27. Learning new things 

28. Friends 

29. My Aftershokz

30. Olive Oil
For YEARS I use olive oil for everything. From skin, hair, to cooking. I wouldn't pass it as a youth elixir like a certain pop star but it is a great moisturizer. After each shower, I will do a 5-minute self-massage using olive oil as the carrier oil. 5-minutes? Yes, 5-minutes. It's a great way to check-in with yourself before returning to your day. 

31. Sliding in DM's 

32. Working out 

33. Being Taylor's Mom

34. BEING ME!!!!! It took me a WHILE to get here but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. 

Thank you for checking out my post of things I am currently loving. It was super fun writing this list because I was able to focus on a little positivity. Want to experience a moment of euphoria through positivity? I would love to hear what are the top 5 things you love right now? 


Tikima Renee.

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