Why I Started Yoga Teacher Training

The first time I sought out a yoga class, was a few months after I delivered my daughter. I was craving adult company with some sort of movement. I was given a gym membership for my birthday, (best/worse gift for a new mom) so I figured that will be the best place to start my yoga journey.

I walked into the yoga studio at my local gym wearing an oversized t-shirt and running shorts and was ready to go. 

So long the days of working out in cotton t-shirts, I miss you dearly. 

I laid out the mat provided by the gym, sat in criss-cross applesauce eagerly awaiting the class to start. We were instructed to lie on our backs, close our eyes in preparation for pranayama (breathing) and grounding. The next thing I knew there was a tap on my shoulder, I slept through the entire class!! I was mortified and felt horrible. The embarrassment must have been written all over my face because the yoga teacher looked me in the eyes and gently stated You Look Like You Needed It. 

I don't remember the type of class or the teacher's name but I am incredibly grateful for her to allow me space to do that. 

Throughout the years, I have learned how not to fall asleep at the beginning of classes (savasana... that is a different story). I practice yoga because I have always felt better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually after yoga. So when I became a fitness professional in 2012, yoga teacher training was always in the back of my mind but, the cost was an issue. Who knew training would cost over USD 2,000.00? Sticker shocked, I had to evaluate my wants and save up for this investment because that price is a damn investment. 

In June 2020, I finally got a cost-effective opportunity to start yoga teacher training. I received a scholarship through My Vinyasa Practice, The course was virtual and I could complete it at my own pace. Ummm, can we say blessing??!! I was stoked to get an opportunity to do something I wanted so badly. 

Yoga teacher training and my personal practice were the gentle nudges I needed to sit, see, and be with myself. I was able to physically measure my growth when I saw improvements in asanas (poses). I was also able to give myself grace when needed. I noticed less judgment for myself and others. When I started to let go of judgment and notice the things that kept me bound, I felt free.

The asana was my gateway drug into loving yoga. It tricked me into breathing. It forced me to move. It quiets my mind. It taught me to be present. I believe in the transformational power of yoga. I have experienced it myself. Who doesn't want to bring that to others?

I care about my students, I am passionate about teaching and I feel called to share yoga with my community. I am ecstatic to share my yoga teaching journey with you guys so stay tuned. 


Tikima Renee 


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